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1846 queen Victoria Copper Penny

1846 Copper Penny View on Ebay You will notice some dents around the edge of this 1846 copper penny, but it is a very rare coin with a good amount of detail. 1846 Braided Hair Large Cent NGC VF-35 Small Date $65.00 View Details Time left: 29d 1846 Braided Hair large cent NGC VF-35 small […]

1860 Penny UK


1860 Copper Penny 1860 Copper Penny Reverse Rare 1860 over 59 Queen Victoria Copper Penny, These Copper pennies don’t come up for sale very often. Now and again you will find one for sale at auction or on Ebay. The 1860 Copper Penny are all over dates and were the last Queen Victoria Copper Pennies. […]

1844 Queen Victoria Copper Penny

1844 queen victoria penny

1860 Penny UK 1844 Queen Victoria Copper Penny Rare 1844 Queen Victoria Copper Penny 1844 Copper Penny A rare 1844 Queen Victoria Copper Penny. It shows the Queen with a young head facing left and with ribbons in her hair View on Ebay VICTORIA 1844 COPPER YOUNG HEAD PENNY – DFF ERROR – VF £143.56 […]